24 Ways to Upgrade Yourself in the New Year


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So, it’s the New Year. Maybe some of you have checked a few boxes on your list of resolutions and goals, and maybe you haven’t. The usual mantra for a new year: ‘New Year, New Me’ is played out in my opinion. You aren’t going to become a brand new person overnight, nor are you going to become a brand new person in a year. Instead of saying ‘New Year, New Me’, try saying ‘New Year, Better Me’, because that’s all you’re really doing, becoming a better version of your current self.

Upgrading to a more awesome person is something everyone wants to do, am I right? You’re probably wondering where the number 24 came from, and even if you weren’t, I’m going to tell you anyway. I turn 24 years old this year and that’s so exciting! I’m doing pretty amazing things at 23, so I can only imagine what I’ll achieve in my 24th year of existence. But, enough about me, let’s get back to you!

Here are 24 totally achievable ways to become even more awesome this year!

1. Develop a morning routine.

This is coming from a self-proclaimed ANTI morning person, btw. When you wake up a little earlier and get into the habit of getting ready to tackle the day ahead of you, it becomes much easier to handle whatever it is the day has to throw at you. You’re also a lot more motivated throughout the day. So, grab that cup of coffee, go for that morning run (unless it’s freezing), eat a nice breakfast and you’ll be on your way to a productive day. P.S. Science backs me up, ‘yo!

2. Read more and be more

For some reason, reading is one of those things that seem like such a hassle to people. In reality, reading really is fundamental and books are such a great resource that’s often overlooked. Want to find the perfect recipe for date night? Look in a cookbook. Do you want to learn more about money? Pick up a personal finance book (one of my faves is The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money from Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage). You can get like me: 2 books every month! And don’t go making excuses, you can pretty much access a book on all your devices these days. I’m reading on my iPad!

3. Lose that weight!

If you thought I meant body weight, you were wrong. I mean that extra baggage in the form of a person. Ain’t nobody got time for negativity this year or any year, really. If someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle or ideals, drop ’em!

4. Get that $$ up

“Oh yeah, we drippin’ in finesse and getting paid, ow!” – Cardi B

Cardi B New Year

It’s so 1950s to only have one source of income. In fact, it’s downright crazy not to have 2 or 3 these days. You can never have enough money, so try to think of your interests and pursue making money that way! If you like to write like me, you can start a blog! Are you into photography? Sell your photos! You could get into flea market flipping as well if you live in a pretty big area and like D.I.Y. projects, and make some big bucks. The outlets are endless, truly.

5. Now budget it

Knowing how to budget and having a budget in place for your money is the first step to being financially sound. Why wouldn’t you want to know where your money is going? A budget can really help you take control of that wild beast we call #Adulting and get ahead of the game, so don’t sleep on it! Check out my free budget printable to get a head start.

6. Have some ‘me’ time

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of everyday life, but every so often you have to step away and just have some time to yourself. So, take a spontaneous mini trip, have a much-needed spa day, grab a bottle of wine, or you can be like me and take a solo trip to Japan. Whatever it is, make sure you get in tune with your inner self and relax.

7. Create a vision board

Having a visual representation of your goals, needs, inspirations and wants is a sure fire way to make sure you achieve them. This can be a fun, ongoing project or done all in one sitting, but once it’s complete, set it up in a spot that you can always see it. You could also take a picture of it and glance at it while you’re out and about to stay focused.

8. Start an emergency fund

I think we have an emergency, I think we have an emergencyyyy! Any Paramore fans? No? Okay. Anyway, an emergency fund is exactly what it sounds like, some funds that are available to you in case of an emergency. Ugh, I highly doubt I need that. Yeah, well, it’s all fun and games until something serious happens and your only options are your savings or your credit cards (anything but the credit cards). Having a separate account with a minimum balance of $1000 is essential to both your sanity and tackling the what-if’s that are bound to happen.

9. Step out of your comfort zone

“I’m doing things that I normally won’t do.”  – Christina Aguilera

You’ll never discover your full potential if you don’t take risks and explore. The same way you’ll never receive if you don’t ask. Try that weird looking dish you can’t pronounce, ask him out, apply for that job with your 0 years of experience, you get the gist!

10. Stay in touch with your people

Call your parents, call your grandparents, send a Snapchat to an old friend that you used to have so much fun with! Staying connected with your people is so, so important. You never know when it’ll be the last time you get to say I love you, so take advantage of the time you have with them.

11. Workout the right way

Let’s be real, how many of us are actually going to go to the gym as much as we claim we will? No need to be ashamed, I’m a victim of this lie too. I’ve been doing home workouts lately and for me personally, I’m way more likely to complete my workout and stay motivated in the comfort of my home. I’m not a runner, no need for a treadmill lol. Plus, I save dolla bills by not having a gym membership. Moral of the story: do what works for you and what makes you happy.

12. Declutter your space

One thing that gets me down is an unorganized, messy space and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Just tackling the smallest mess can give me a sense of satisfaction. Get rid of things you don’t use (you could sell it!), re-arrange and watch the magic happen. I swear it gets the right juices flowing!

13. Don’t be a ‘yes’ man (or woman)

Trust me, it’s okay to say no. This is something that I had to learn for myself. Always saying yes to people and agreeing to things you’d really rather not do can start to take a toll both mentally and physically. Save yourself the stress and turn folks down. I promise the world won’t end. 😉

14. Break your BIG goals into smaller ones

It’s easier to reach the end goal if you have a plan in place to lead you there. Think of these baby steps as the breadcrumbs that led Hansel & Gretel to- you know what, never mind. When you write down small steps on your to-do list, it makes the journey seem a lot less overwhelming and more manageable.

15. Meditate daily + Daily inspiration

Reduced stress. Increased self-awareness. Increased happiness. These are just some of the benefits of meditation and it sounds damn good to me! I’ve recently gotten into meditating in the mornings after waking up and I can really tell the difference throughout the day. I feel like there’s less weight on my shoulder and my mind is a little less hazy. You should definitely give it a try!

16. Change your eating habits

The classic saying ‘you are what you eat’ has never rung truer than it does these days with all the things that go into the food. If you’re eating a lot of greasy, heavy food, that’s exactly how you’re going to feel: weighed down and lethargic throughout the day.

17. Pay down your debts 

Credit cards, student loans, personal loans, you name it, you pay it. The quicker you pay them off, the quicker you can save the money you were paying in interest and in general. For those with credit card debt, learn from your previous mistakes and pay those cards in full every month. EVERY. MONTH. You know the pain that not doing so brings to your wallet. I can’t be the only one scooping the tears out of mine every month.

18. Learn something new every day

You can never have too much knowledge. Did you know that a flock of crows is called a murder? How about that cherophobia is the fear of happiness? I’m sure none of you have that though…hopefully. I just helped you learn something today, my job is done.

19. Drink more water

I don’t even have to really say this, it’s on everyone’s list every year and it never happens (ha!), but turn it around this year. Drink at least 64 oz a day and watch that skin start glowin’ and hair start growin’! Pro tip: Drinking a glass every hour is the easiest way to achieve this goal.

20. Stay in the know

I think the news is depressing, but luckily, you can stay in the know about things that interest you. My favorite way of staying connected with recent developments is with Flipboard. You can tailor it to show news related to topics you’re into like food & wine, technology, beauty, finance, celebrity news, etc.

21. Treat ‘yo self

When I say treat ‘yo self, I mean in a celebratory manner. Don’t just go out spending money all willy-nilly! Celebrate your victories, big or small. You are your biggest supporter after all. Treating yourself can be getting yourself a new beauty product or having a nice dinner out. There’s nothing wrong with a well-deserved splurge here and there.

22. Hate to Procrastinate

I’m the face of procrastination, but I’m actively working on that. For example, this post is right on time! When you really think about it, what’s the point of procrastination anyway? Just get it done and out of the way. If you’re struggling with procrastination, think about all the fun things you could be doing instead of stressing over trying to meet a deadline later. Buh-bye, procrastination and hell-o, productivity!

23. Save, save, save! 

You see that quarter on the ground? Pick it up. You’re now 25 cents richer than you were a few seconds ago. Save any and everything that you can, whether it be some loose change in between your couch cushions, the $5 you found in the washing machine, or some unexpected bonus you receive, throw it towards your savings. To make it even easier, you can set up auto savings to be deducted from your paycheck or use the Qapital app!

24. Be unapologetically you

This is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. No one can tell you who to be, how to do you or where to go in life except you, so for lack of better words, do whatever the hell you want that makes you happy. Life’s too short to live according to someone else. Ya dig?

What are some of your resolutions this year? Drop ’em down in the comments below!

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  1. February 3, 2018 / 4:38 am

    So many great nuggets here, Bria! Thanks for stopping by on IG 🙂

    • February 3, 2018 / 5:44 pm

      Thank you so much! I love your blog and your IG!

  2. February 27, 2018 / 2:52 am

    Great list!!! It seems like so many of these items I wrote on my personal list to work on achieving this year!

    • February 26, 2018 / 5:53 pm

      Thanks so much, Drecia! I hope you accomplish every single one! ❤

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